The  Inactivity Tracker

Client:   Kmart
Product:  Joe Boxer Pajamas

We created the world’s first Inactivity Tracker, for Joe Boxer Pajamas. Like the FitBit, the Inactivity Tracker is a wearable device that connects to an app. Unlike the FitBit, it rewards users for doing nothing, allowing them to reach levels like "Couch Commander", "Cryogenic" and "You Rock!" The Inactivity Tracker was launched with an event at a Kmart store in NYC and it was also available for purchase online.


To promote it, we launched an hour-long film with some pretty epic inactivity.

Color For The Colorblind

Client:   Valspar
Product:  Valspar Paint

Valspar is one the world’s largest paint companies. But we found out that more than 300 million people in the world are colorblind. So we started asking ourselves, what if there was a way we could make colorblind people experience color for the first time? At first, it seemed impossible. Until we partnered with EnChroma. 

Case Study:


Hollywood Is Running Out of Ideas

Client:   IndieLisboa 
Product:  IndieLisboa Film Festival

We all enjoy watching a superhero movie every now and then. But let’s face it, at some point we’ll have to start asking ourselves: how many Fast&Furious sequels does the world really need?

Chicken Corsage

Client:   KFC 
Product:  #HowDoYouKFC

KFC wanted to reach a younger audience. But the truth is, young people couldn’t care less about KFC. The brand simply wasn’t even on their radars anymore. So as part of the big #HowDoYouKFC campaign, which spanned everything from package and store design, to TV, to social, we also created this film:

I know what you’re thinking... “So?”... The thing is, as soon as the video was posted, we also made real Chicken Corsages available for purchase online. Next thing we knew, people were talking about KFC again.

Check out the whole story here:

The Superstitious Billboard

Client:   Freeport 
Product:  The Witchcraft Exhibition

Freeport is one of Europe’s biggest fashion outlets. They also happen to have an exhibition center to attract more visitors. When they approached us to promote their Witchcraft exhibition, our solution was to create a single billboard. They were intrigued by the idea, and so were the very superstitious Portuguese people.


Client:   Valspar 
Product:  Valspar Reserve Eco-Friendly Paint

Valspar wanted a distinct way to generate awareness of their Reserve line of paint, free of harmful chemicals and noxious gases. Our idea was to actually use the paint to get the message out. We screen-printed these posters using actual Valspar Reserve paint, and used the real paint swatch’s names to reveal the benefits of the environmentally friendly paint. The posters were launched on Earth Day 2015 and were used as out-of-home, wild postings and POS, as well as on Facebook sending limited-edition prints to the first sharers of the post.

The Love Machine

Client:   USPS 
Product:  Holiday Season Greeting Cards

What if you could literally put all the love in the world into a single greeting card?

The Love Machine was designed and developed by Eric Wolinsky.


Client:   KFC 
Product:  #HowDoYouKFC

In order to launch and sustain the ambitious #HowDoYouKFC campaign, we created a lot of content. Here’s a small sampling of some stuff I enjoyed making.

The Chicken Sled:

Chicken Arm Wrestling:


Client:   Kmart 
Product:  Kmart Layaway

People like to buy things. One way of doing that in the US is by putting those things on layaway – the products are held for you in the store while you pay for them over several weeks. We created this poster campaign to promote Kmart’s layaway service, and the incredible range of products you can get by using it.

One in Three

Client:   Happn / Equality Now 
Product:  International Women’s Day

This project is grounded in the frightening statistic that one in three women worldwide have been victim of physical or sexual abuse. During the week leading up to International Women’s Day, we partnered with Equality Now and dating app Happn to launch a campaign called ‘One in Three’. It was launched simultaneously in twenty one cities around the world, including Paris, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, New York, and Sao Paulo, among others.

CD:         Thiago Cruz, Bruno Guimarães, Rodrigo Moran 

Creatives:  Dhanush Paramesh, Alex Fox,
            Leonardo Matarazzo, Eduardo Lunardi


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